Monday, April 25, 2011

Ferret and Parrot Scott Morse 2001

In 2001, Scott Morse work on a 7 -minute pilot for what could be a series...

It may be just a 7 Minute Short but to me,It's a Wonderful and Fantastic Cartoon which Earns it's Spot in my Top Ten Favorite Cartoons!!!

Thanks for John who find it :)... Ok iti s in Spanish... So if you got the American version we will love it :)

Storyline :

Ferret and Parrot revolves around two small, caged animals and their inability to decipher reality from conspiracy theory. Ferret is convinced that the newspaper that lines the bottom of his cage is the morning paper that he gets everyday, but in actuality, it's usually an old tabloid or maybe even a bunch of old bills. Ferret sees these ‘headlines’...maybe about Bigfoot, maybe about UFO sightings, whatever, and jumps to conclusions. He usually involves his good pal Parrot, who lives in the cage above him, and hijinks ensue. The trick is, Parrot only repeats things he's heard, and sometimes just bits of things, making for a true Abbot and Costello sort of experience.

Enjoy :)

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cars Toons

You need to get the DVD to see it all :)

Rev up your engines for this unforgettable collection of Cars Toons starring Mater, the lovable and hilarious tow truck from the hit movie Cars. From the creative minds of Disney/Pixar come nine highly entertaining "Tall Tales" involving bullfights, drag races, rock concerts, monster truck showdowns and even UFOs; plus, check out the new, never-before-seen Cars Toons "Mater P.I." and "Moon Mater."

Join Mater, the heart and soul of Radiator Springs, and all your favorite characters from the world of Cars as they take you on a fun-filled ride!

Scott will be infront of the camera! Unique!You'll find "Unmade Tales" in the special features section, click on BACKWARDS TO THE FORWARDS, Scott will Pitch storyboards for an unmade shortin your livingroom!.

Tokyo Mater is the fifth episode in the Cars Toons series. The short was shown in theaters in the US before the Disney animated film "Bolt" in December 2008. The short is the first Disney Pixar production presented in Disney Digital 3-D. It is also the first Pixar short to be shown before a non Pixar produced Disney animated feature film.

Written by: John Lasseter, Rob Gibbs, Bobby Alcio Rubio, Scott Morse

Tuesday, June 15, 2010